Chiropractic Active Release Technique (ART)

Chiropractic Active Release TechniqueChiropractic Active Release Technique or ART, is an innovative and movement-based soft tissue system. This well-received myofascial release method is frequently used in addressing issues involving the muscles, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Due to the success of ART in dealing with muscle injuries, patients always look for chiropractic practitioners who have received ART certification.

Developed by P. Michael Leahy, a chiropractic sports physician, ART minimises the stress in the joints and nerves through soft tissue manipulation. Moreover, the overused muscles, especially of athletes and sports enthusiasts, are treated with ART. Ultimately, the objective of ART is to bring back the mobility of the patient and activates the lymphatic system so that the inflammation will be reduced.

Chiropractic Active Release Technique (ART)

The chiropractic Active Release Technique (ART) basically works by disbanding the scar tissue, and removing the muscle spasm and tightness in the muscles. Each time we get muscle injuries or our tissues get overworked, the body’s natural healing regimen is to use scar tissues as a patch repair. But if the body run up of too much scar tissue, that’s when it gets problematic. Usually, this happens when the root cause of the injury was not set right.

Your chiropractor will put the muscle or tissue in question in a contracted position and then a tension will be applied using the thumbs or fingers. While the tension is perpetuated, your chiropractor will stretch out the muscle up to its limit. As a result, the adhesion in the entire muscle is broken up. If the level of pain or numbness is still the same, it means that the source of the tension is not right and the scar tissue has not yet been disjoined.

What Makes Chiropractic Active Release Technique Different?

There’s a distinction between chiropractic Active Release Technique (ART) and other soft tissue techniques. For one, ART has over 500 protocols set in treating problems in the muscles, joints, and ligaments, among others. In addition, ART targets the exact location of the scar tissue in addressing the joint issues and what not, of the patient. Moreover, ART utilises the patient’s movement in generating tension on the scar tissue.

ART for Athletes

ART is proven to be effective for athletes in every level. As a matter of fact, the technique gives patients a way on how they can boost their sports performance. This can be done by determining and letting off the constraints that negatively affects the skills and abilities of the athlete. Generally, the effectiveness of ART on athletes is evaluated through a biomechanical analysis of the athlete’s motion.

Art Inspiring Lust & Libidos

art inspiring lust & libidos

Prostitution and art had similar beginnings. Both of them were associated with religion. If you will look closely, the subject of most painters and sculptors were gods and goddesses. Interestingly, the same thing applies with prostitutes. In fact, during the days, whores believed that they were serving the gods.

As the years gone by, prostitutes separated themselves from religion. Ancient escorts are no longer to be found on temples, but already have their own establishments. Moreover, art and prostitution began to be entangled together. Artists illustrated their experiences with prostitutes and the delight of sex on vases, walls, and sculptures.

Art Inspiring Lust and Libidos

You don’t need to experience a brothel tour for you to see how art inspires lust and libidos. During the excavations in the Ancient Roman city of Pompeii in the 18th century, archaeologists unearthed sexually explicit paintings and artworks. Later on, they discovered a lot of establishments believed to be brothels. There were erotic graffitis and paintings that decorated the walls and ceilings of buildings containing stone beds.

Another interesting discovery was the Lupanare, one of the popular bawdy houses in Pompeii. The building had rooms and stone beds where prostitutes please their clients. There were also erotic frescoes on the entire establishment, which are thought to serve as the modern-day billboards. These wall paintings illustrate various sexual positions, phallus depictions and other erotic images.

Sexually explicit artworks are said to inspire lust and libidos. Based on the discovered erotic artifacts in Pompeii, the business in brothels that were once ornamented with sexual art were booming. As a matter of fact, hundreds of inscriptions on the walls of brothels attest to the services given to the clients. For instance, one of the engravings translate to “I f*cked a lot of girls here!”

Apart from being hung on walls, paintings and sculptures made by renowned artists are seemed to be inspired by sex and prostitution. For one, Hokusai has a masterpiece titled “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.” This erotic art illustrates two octopuses wrapping around a naked woman. The smaller octopus can be seen at the mouth of the woman. On the other hand, the bigger octopus enveloped the lower part of the woman’s body with the tentacles while performing an oral play. Even back then, oral stimulation seems to be a thing.

Is Investing in Art as Good as Setting Up an SMSF?

Is Investing in Art as Good as Setting Up an SMSFArt is a tangible asset in the alternative asset class; its value can increase over time. Art does not fluctuate as much as the stock market. Investing in art is a recognised investment strategy with a proven track record. Investment portfolios in art can provide strong income streams plus potential long term capital growth. “The Igas” by the artist Brett Whiteley set a new record for Australian painting when it was sold on auction in June, 2007 for $3.5 million clearly a 600 percent increase in value in 12 years.

Australian Aboriginal art had an increase in fame over the recent years. This unique art form is recognised and admired internationally by art critics. Aboriginal art is a bestseller, most Australian Art Galleries had converted over 60 percent of their premises to promoting Aboriginal art. “Warlugalong” by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri sold at AU$2,400,000.00 in an auction by Sotheby in Melbourne 2007. Investing in Aboriginal art can be a good investment as prices are dramatically increasing.

Investing in art may seem to be an exciting venture but it’s not for everyone. It’s only great for people who understand what they are doing. Not every artwork will increase in value, only a small percentage of it. Art is a long term investment; art market can be stable during prosperous times and yield big returns but can easily dive during time of recession.

Investing in your retirement is the best investment you can do. Superannuation is your retirement investment. Self-managed superfunds or SMSF are becoming the fastest retirement vehicle to achieve this goal. With SMSF you control how you would like to invest your retirement fund. SMSFs allow you to control how your benefits are passed upon death. A tailored strategy can be built suited to your family situation and beneficiaries. The total cost of running SMSF depends on the investments made within the fund and whether you employ the help of SMSF specialist.

SMSF can be invested in shares, direct property, trusts and managed funds. Investing in non-traditional assets like art is also allowed in SMSF. Art patrons or people with relative expertise in art will find this type of investment less risky. But you have to be aware of the new law about insurance and storage when investing in art through SMSF. This new rule on insurance, storage and display of artworks may prove to be a financial liability for low value one-off asset. The annual holding cost of artwork will create a low return unless you get a hefty sale price.

Is investing in art as good as setting up an SMSF? Art is a good asset class for people with large or growing holding. This is a long term investment, putting a part of your wealth in art complement other investments you may have. Investing in art is nor for everyone, it’s only great for people with knowledge in art and investment. While setting up an SMSF means accessing a wider choice of investments like managed funds, direct investment, direct property, non-traditional assets and private unit trusts. SMSF even allow investing in collectables like art. With SMSF you have control over your investment decisions.

Underwear Art

underwear art

When you think of a super-cool underwear brand for men, nothing else on earth comes to close to the fantastic range of colorful and artistic underwear from Belmondo Boxers. Each year since the company’s inception has been marked with advances in underwear art including new collections that are more fun, stylish and comfortable. Down under, this is the least you can experience with this amazing piece of exotic fabric.

Why choose Belmondo Boxers?

A good design and color make the perfect combination for great appeal, glamour and awesome underwear art. This is what motivated Myriame Duetz, the creator and founder of Belmond boxers to coin what she describes as a fresh concept, truly fashionable and out of the box, and one that makes a personality statement. Belmondo boxers boast of the perfect color combinations and pattern mix, which is what has elevated them to being Australia’s finest underwear brand. And we are not yet done folks. Take a look at the fantastic details you can as well expect with this piece of wonderful fabric:

• Belmondo boxers constitute 100% cotton. Now, your guess is as good as mine- absolute comfort.

• To add a touch of comfort and assurance, the side seams have been eliminated. Only one seam has been left, the one that runs from front to back. Officially known as the “french seam”, it has been stitched flat just so that you don’t experience those nagging scratchy bits.

• The waistbands, stretchy and unique, have been constructed separately to sit flat in order to save you from that nasty skin grabbing.

• And if you thought underwear art and style would be your challenge, then you are yet to be spoilt for choice. These fun boxer shorts come in 40 different and unique styles, opulent and ingenious enough to brighten your day in style.

The advent of fashionable clothing won’t be slowing down soon. Not even for the many years to come. However, the softer side of this is that Belmondo Boxers got all it takes to elevate your confidence, style and sense of fashion.

Today, every man would love to be meticulous with their looks. Let’s face it: besides those fashionable shirts and trousers, classic and graceful mens boxers can help you get that comfort and peace we all cherish to have.

Enhance your wardrobe by shopping yours today. Deliveries can conveniently be made within Australia.

Recycled Materials Art

Recycling plays a very important role in keeping our planet clean and safe. This helps reduce the overall amount of waste that we dispose in an effort in helping our environment produce clean air and surroundings. For that matter people take the extra efforts in looking for different ways of reusing their products in a timely and more efficient manner. Recycling helps save a considerable amount of resources for which results to an increase in one’s overall saving. There are several ways on how one can fully use their products utilizing them even after exhausting their use. Many find recycled materials to be a very good opportunity in helping cultivate an individual’s innate creativity and talent when used for art.

You might be surprised to see how much junk found at our homes can be used as a material for recycled art. If you have a child with you them you may be already familiar with art made from egg shells. Egg shells can be either cracked or is drained in a strategic manner. Both are viable options to consider when planning on using egg shells as recycled materials for art. Old newspapers and magazines can also be used for art materials. They are often used for sculpting which helps give off that unique and colorful vibe which a number of artists find it hard to replicate.

Again if you have kids with you, then they will surely enjoy the recycling activity making them appreciate waste products around them. You can appoint them to look for materials which can be used towards their next project. Turn it into a family activity and invite others to also join your cause. Such events are quite popular especially today where there are several art exhibits that display recycled art materials and feature them on a regular basis.

Anything can be recycled and used as an art material. You only need a spark of creativity and the rest is history. There are even artists who use kitchen utensils such as spoons and forks and turn them into a masterpiece. You can use them as display and decorations to your house and if your art is very good others may take interest into it and might purchase it for a high price. Of course, let us not jump into conclusions right away. The practice of recycled art is indeed quite and different in its own way and is a sure eye catcher to onlookers.

Recycled art requires homeowners to effectively manage their waste. Waste management can be done by several companies for their clients saving them a substantial amount of time. Of course, for those items that you don’t find of any use, you can dispose them in a proper and effective manner with the help of waste removal services found today. In addition, you can earn a fair amount of extra money as most of these companies buy recycled materials directly from their clients. You can find out more about their services over the internet today.

Erotic Art Prostitutes and Brothels

erotic art prostitutes and brothelsAccording to Wikipedia, “Erotic art covers any artistic work that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of love-making. It includes paintings, engravings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, music and writing.”

Erotic art has always been intrinsically linked to expression, passion and sensuality, but does it have any connection between prostitutes and brothels?  Since the dawn of history, artists have always had an artistic interest with prostitutes, physical lust, eroticism and carnal love which can be seen in their creative works of art. The curiosity in prostitutes is very attractive to artists as it manifests the commercialisation and the uncertainty of modern life. Artists identify with prostitutes because the creative mind is often used and abused by society in a similar cruel and exploitative fashion.

Many great painters, writers, musicians, filmmakers and poets have regularly indulged, patronised, and idealised prostitutes in an obsessive fixation spanning generations and have always glamorised prostitution.

The artists throughout history have made the genre of erotic art what it is today. The likes of Giorgione, Titian, Picasso, Renoir, Manet and other famous historical painters have always had that artistic fascination with prostitutes. It’s something hard to fathom, but these artists tend to exaggerate their power, beauty and intelligence. To these great artists, courtesans have a fearsome ability to engage in immoral acts which are types of behaviour that’s completely taboo yet very powerful.

In the olden times, even the interiors of brothels are a familiar type of painting which primarily depicts young and beautiful girls as harlots and the client is often a well-dressed young man from a good family just like Gerrit Van Honthorst’s oil painting, The Procuress. Another good example is Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon originally titled The Brothel of Avignon is an oil painting which portrays five nude female prostitutes from a brothel in Carrer d’Avinyó Barcelona.

Erotic art continues to expend the pages and palettes of creative minds. It uses basic artistic concepts and themes, and is incessantly drawn from historical inspiration. It is perhaps safe to say that the people’s fascination with erotic art stems from the fact that we all share the common basic instincts, desires and appreciation of beauty which has long been expressed in the ancient times.

Struggling Artists in the 21st Century

artists in the 21st centurySeveral great artists spend a lot of time pursuing their art, and the challenges they face are many. Making art is not easy – it’s a gamble. It’s focusing and sacrificing a lot of time, effort, and relationships, not to mention money with no real guarantee of success. It’s mainly based on the devotion that one day you will make good work of significance and value that people will hopefully recognise soon enough.

Real artists like Daniel ArshamCornelia Konrads and Kumi Yamashita have no problems in creating art. It’s a gift they are born with. Sure, it often takes years of education and practice to hone one’s craft, but when you have it, you have it!

Artists today face different hurdles in their careers, but do they face the same challenges as the artists did 10 centuries ago? What could these challenges be? The difficulties most artists face today lies mainly on marketing and selling their works of art, and of course, there’s always the cash flow issue.

The art market is very competitive and artists often than not find it difficult to market and sell their art. But with the emergence of technology, artists are only a click away from superstardom. They can find and build their own audience by sharing their art through the internet. Being an artist nowadays is not just about creativity. They need to have a powerful web presence and become a social media expert in order to market themselves and sell their work, whether it’s music, photography, painting or other forms of art.

It’s also no secret that making art requires money. The reality is, money is something most artists, especially those early in their careers do not have. Struggling artists use loans to back them up in order to pay their bills while creating their next creative masterpieces. Some who are in deep debt look for bad credit loans to aid them in their financial struggles while looking for clients who like their work enough to pay for them. Many artists are also forced to find other work for income to make ends meet.

The challenges artists face in the 21st century are not as different from the artists struggling in the last 10 centuries. The only difference is the technology we have today. With the internet age, it is easier than ever to share art with fans. Artists can build deep relationships with people when they showcase and market their works online. This only means that artists should start evolving and be their own promoter or advertiser. Finding the right audience and market is the key and once it’s tapped, the possibilities are endless.

Being an artist is a commitment and a choice. If you care about what you’re doing, the challenges won’t stop you. Many artists have found ways to overcome challenges to pursue their passion and make a successful living while doing it. It’s never easy, but it sure can be done.

Music Therapy – Helping kids with Auditory Processing Disorder

Music-Therapy–Helping-kids-with-Auditory-Processing-DisorderHave you observed your child to?
have difficulty following oral directions
have poor listening skills
have short attention span; easily get tired during auditory task
have trouble listening when there is background noise
have slow intelligible speech development
have difficulty in reading aloud
have often asks for things to be repeated or clarified
have letter and word reversals
have difficulty retelling a story in the correct sequence
have reading, writing, spelling or other speech-language difficulties
get upset in a noisy environment

if your child is struggling with any of these symptoms we encourage you to consider having your child see an Audiologist to determine if your child has a learning and hearing function problem. If your child seems to have listening problem but shows to have normal hearing it is quite possible that he may have auditory processing disorder. APD is characterized by the inability to process and interpret the meaning of sounds because the ears and the brain don’t fully coordinate. Audiologist will conduct the assessment and determine the diagnosis of APD. If you suspect your kid have APD, get treatments as soon as possible.

Auditory processing disorder is not curable but treatable. The child’s ability to listen affects all language development. The capacity to listen can be improved through auditory stimulation using musical sounds at high frequencies. Research has shown that the best way to improve APD is through stimulation of the auditory system through listening to sounds or music through headphones.

Music therapy has long been scientifically supported. The most important work on the role of sounds in auditory stimulation was carried out by the French Otolaryngologist Dr. Alfred Tomatis. He found a way to improve brain function by stimulating the auditory system with sound. The Tomatis method assists and accelerates the development of listening skills, communication and language. It integrates the research, theory and latest technology to help kids with auditory processing disorder.

Music therapy exercises the different areas of the auditory system, giving it a solid workout. By playing filtered music through the headphones, the ears are retrained through its natural development. Classical music particularly Mozart music is used in music therapy because it falls mostly in the high-frequency sound range and has a greater number of vibrations compared to other types of music. Mozart also uses medium and low range pitches at random and has been specifically sound-engineered to train the middle ear muscles. Through this therapy the brain is helped in the processing, interpretation and retention of auditory information.

Music therapy has been a tremendous tool for helping kids with auditory processing disorder. It provides engaging brain stimulation to improve school performance, health and wellbeing. Music therapy treats the cause of the problem, working on the auditory system and the way sound is received by the brain. It tones up the middle ear muscles and makes them stronger, they keep out the distracting sounds they don’t need. It helps the ears and brain to localize sound, so the kids know where the sounds are coming from they know where to turn when they are called. Over time the ears ability are improved to collect and process sound and the brain lay down new brain cells your kid will learn, develop and master new skill sets.

The Art Workshop Therapy

If you want running an art workshop center, now is the time to begin getting on it. Art is ending up being the terrific escape for lots of, not simply the artists of this world. Art is likewise being acknowledged as the option to the education space triggered by the schools pursuing cutting art from their curriculum. The advantages of art are limitless. One significant function art has in our lives is it assists us cope with the problems in the world around us.

arts-workshopYou may awaken in the morning and switch on the TV as you work your method towards your very first cup of coffee. As you listen for just a few minutes, you become aware of an individual getting shot, a youngster getting abducted, more individuals dead in Iraq. And prior to you even take your very first sip of coffee, you prepare to turn the TV off once more. What can you finish with all that pent up feeling?

Discovering a punching bag to bully around is definitely one response. Pouring yourself into your work, even on your time off is another. Often our releases are more detrimental than resourceful. Art does not have any negatives. It is the mirror within us by which we comprehend ourselves much better. Even when we have no idea exactly what to state about a concern, art assists us reveal it in images, icons and signs. We can still get all the pent up feeling from our system. And we can take a look at it. Review it. Discover ourselves.

art therapyWhere does your art workshop center come into this circumstance? Do not you see?! You are supplying a location for individuals to go and be efficient. They require support and you are giving it to them. Even if you are not an artist, it’s not tough to discover how to run an art workshop. I teach individuals all the time. My students have actually detected my system so fast and now have actually gone on to run their own workshops.

Be ready for anything. Check out the paper in the morning and have subjects to go over. As your students come rolling in, do not hesitate to bring specific things approximately their interest. It’s not a conversation session mind you. Exactly what you are doing is advising them about these concerns that are on their minds. Exactly what is the outcome? On each canvas, at the end of the day, is the resolve your students required. Hug yourself! You deserve it.

The world does not seem it is getting much better at any time quickly. Your art workshop is their treatment. And they will certainly enjoy you for it when they understand just how much cash you are conserving them on treatment. Comprehend the principle! Exactly what is going on this world does straight affect your workshop. There is not a location of our lives and our world that art does not touch.